The Fatboy Slim Collection

I feel like I have lived through a golden age of club culture and electronic dance music. Though everyone now has access to all music through the internet and machines can do the mixing for you, it is still the skill of selecting the right tune and playing it at the right moment that makes us DJs still indispensible for a good night out. As long as people want to lose themselves to music, hedonism and that collective euphoria that can only be found on a dancefloor, festival or the occasional beach then you will need us to provide the soundtrack.

So here is such a soundtrack…..all the tunes in this ‘Collection’ have been anthems in my DJ sets over the years from Brighton Beach to Bondi, from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads. Each and every one contained here has a special memory for me, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed using them to make people smile and dance.

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The Fatboy Slim Collection

  • Diarmuid Deans

    Can I get this from the Australian iTunes store?

  • Robert

    When does the collection in German iTunes store accessible? Can’t buy it!!!

  • ☻This is me when iam

    Thanks 4 being Norm.